The Louisville Art Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the advancement of visual art. We encourage appreciation and knowledge of visual art by sponsoring many activities in our community. All our activities are open to the public.

About the Louisville Art Association

Who We Are

The Louisville Art Association (”LAA”) is a non-profit corporation, with over 300 participating and honorary members. Our main purposes include:

  • Assisting and promoting the advancement of the visual arts;
  • Encouraging greater appreciation and knowledge of the visual arts;
  • Integrating visual art activities into the mainstream of cultural activities in the community;
  • Sponsoring art shows, exhibits, and competitions;
  • Sponsoring workshops and seminars, for both members and non-members.

The Benefits of Membership

We invite all interested artists and art appreciators to join us. Member benefits include:

  • A monthly newsletter listing upcoming events;
  • Monthly meetings at our Art Center;
  • Artist demonstrations;
  • Workshops and classes by well-known area artists at a discounted price
  • Opportunities to participate in programs like open studio, portrait painting, plein air
  • The opportunity to display and promote your art in local business and government offices and with links to our website; see our Art in Public Places section and guidelines.
  • Opportunities to meet other artists and art supporters, and to make friends;
  • The chance to exchange ideas that further develop your artistic enjoyment, skills and understanding.